Elastix Addons

Elastix Addons

  • Apstel Visual Dialplan
  • Call Center
  • FOP2
  • SugarCRM
  • Surveillance
  • Web Conference

Apstel Visual Dialplan

Visual Dialplan for Elastix is a poweful platform for call flow development. It is intended for advanced Elastix users, consultants and Elastix professionals, is an innovative visual modeling platform that provides an easy, convenient and natural way to create, validate and deploy Elastix dialplan.

  • Drag, drop and connect building blocks.
  • Large component library.
  • Powerful validation engine.
  • Linux and extensions.conf knowledge is NOT required.
  • Specialized editors for every component.
  • Automatic dial plan upgrade.
  • Leverage full Asterisk dialplan capability.
  • Over 150 components and 60 functions.
  • Ready to use dialplan samples.
  • Grammars are automatically deployed with the dialplan.
  • Visual Dialplan validates: syntax, object connections, existence of used peers (SIP, IAX…), existence of used DAHDI/Zap channels, voice mail boxes, agents,
  • queues, MOH, conference bridges, etc.
  • Visual Dialplan reads Asterisk server configuration data and pre-populates library components with configuration objects
  • Visual Dialplan will warn if the dialplan use undefined SIP peer, or voicemail box, or agent, etc.
  • Asterisk professionals use it to develop and maintain large Asterisk dialplans.
  • Integrated help system.

Call Center

CallCenter module is a basic implementation of an administrator for a call center. A group of people (called agents) take calls managed by the software and fill forms with the results of their dialogue with the person contacted (contact).

  • Two modes of operation. In the outbound mode, load a list of phone numbers, and the system starts to generate calls to be connected with the agents through a line of Asterisk. In the way of incoming calls, prepares a queue to receive calls coming into the system.
  • Generating predictive outbound call: the system generates many calls as agents are idle, and also attempt to predict what will end soon calls to generate new calls in advance.
  • Web Console where agents are the associated campaign information.
  • Hours of operation associated with outbound campaigns.
  • Support for DNC (Do Not Call)
  • Start and end of the season for outbound and inbound campaigns.
  • You can define forms that will be used to gather information from the call. You can associate multiple forms with a single campaign.
  • You can define an external Web page must display associated with each call to an agent is embedded within a web console, or as a completely separate website. For advanced administrators also supports define a URL that provides JavaScript code to execute in the web console (via JSONP) for complete control of the console.
  • Charging of outgoing calls can include arbitrary attributes to be displayed as part of the information that the agent observes.
  • Agents can initiate pauses during which they will not receive calls.
  • Download the information collected through the forms in CSV format.
  • Ability to implement a custom console interface through the ECCP protocol.
  • Various reports.


FOP2 lets you see detailed PBX activity, like who is talking and to whom, call durations, held calls, queued calls, etc. It lets you control your phone and perform transfers, launch call spying and whisper, monitor queue activity and more. This version shows 2 lines per phone and held call status, so you can see exactly what is going on.

  • See who is available or not.
  • Transfer directly to destination extension, voicemail or external numbers.
  • Ability to pickup ringing phones
  • Manage and visualiza parked calls.
  • Realtime search and filter of extensions (great for big companies with hundreds of extensions).
  • See agents logged into a queue
  • See agent status (paused, logged off, invalid).
  • See every call waiting on the queue with its timer.
  • Manage agents: add, remove or pause queue members.
  • Filter extension list to only queue members with one click.
  • Spy or whisper to your agents.
  • Initiate call recording to disk.
  • Call notifications (callerid number and name, call from queue).
  • Directory integration, live search or dial to any typed number.
  • Call control: transfer out, hangup, pickup, etc.
  • Conference control: lock, invite, kick & mute, talk detection.
  • Presence: set and visualize your presence status.
  • IM chat: Instant messaging and notes integrated, no need for extra software or daemons.
  • Voicemail explorer: lets you browse and hear your voicemail right from your browser.


Sugar is an affordable and easy to use customer relationship management (CRM) platform, designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy. As an open-source, web-based CRM solution, Sugar is easy to customize and adapt to your changing needs. Ideal for small and medium-sized companies, large enterprises and government organizations.

  • SugarCRM offers an email integration, it provides email management within Sugar by integrating with Microsoft Outlook, IBM Lotus Notes, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and IMAP based email servers.
  • Sugar comes with a complete modern drag-and-drop calendar interface.
  • Sugar comes with a wide range of Google integrations right out of the box.
  • SugarCRM offers a multiple deployment options.
  • Create custom, calculated, dependent, and related fields, as well as custom modules.
  • Reveal and protect information based on user role and profile.
  • Simply drag-and-drop for easy configuration.
  • Create real-time reports and dashboards on any CRM metric, without having to rely on administrators for support.
  • Present user-specific information about sales opportunities and progress.


ZoneMinder is an integrated set of applications which provide a complete surveillance solution allowing capture, analysis, recording and monitoring of any CCTV or security cameras attached to a Linux based machine. It is designed to run on distributions which support the Video For Linux (V4L) interface and has been tested with video cameras attached to BTTV cards, various USB cameras and also supports most IP network cameras.

  • Supports video, USB and network cameras.
  • Support Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras, extensible to add new control protocols.
  • High performance independent video capture and analysis daemons allowing high failure redundancy.
  • Multiple Zones (Regions Of Interest) can be defined per camera. Each can have a different sensitivity or be ignored altogether.
  • User friendly web interface allowing full control of system or cameras as well as live views and event replays.
  • Supports event replay in mpeg video, multi-part jpeg, stills formats, along with statistics detail.
  • Highly partitioned design allow other hardware interfacing protocols to be added easily for support of alarm panels etc.
  • Includes bi-directional X.10 (home automation protocol) integration allowing X.10 signals to control when video is captured and for motion detection to trigger X.10 devices.

Web Conference

WebConference addon is a module that implements a virtual conference through a web page in Elastix. The conferences are easily created and invitations can then be sent automatically via email. During the conference each user can select the video stream to display, chat, share files, and more; the administrator can also give/take control of the presentation.

  • Send a text document, image, PDF, or presentation to be visible and paged through the Web interface.
  • One of the speakers (default is the creator of the conference) can direct the conference from its web interface. By paginating the document, all other participants change page together.
  • The creation of the Web conference can optionally be created simultaneously with a conference call. This capability is integrated with the core module of Elastix “Conference”.
  • Chat Window and presence reporting integrated in the conference interface.
  • Video window allows speakers to see each other (requires Flash support in the browser).
  • Chat Log (in Elastix interface) can pick up what was discussed in the chat.

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